Week Nine in a Word: Sporty Spinnakering!

by Leroy on July 19, 2012

Race Date 9ish Recap July 18, 2012

Another spectacular night of sailing on the Bay. We were blessed by a strong NE wind that reminicent of the thermals of old.

We sailed three races, all twice around W/L's. Windes ENE at 19-22 kts, waves 2-4', air 82F, water was very warm as I am sure we all found out.

Players for the night: HWNN, Hart Beat, Scars & Scrapes, Fast Idiots, Score One, Motion Sensitive, Big Meanie, Hooch and Sleeper.

RC platform was Matt Sherman with Dave Lyons on duty with Doug Pratt assisting the real brains on the boat, Cam Houtman. Nice job you guys.

The mad dash out to the course was somewhat slowed by technical difficulties. We are down a hoist as it seems someone pulled the cord out of the motor of the south hoist. Rear Commode Hart will be repairing this today. If you need work hours, he could use a hand. If you need work hours new carpeted boards hung on the sea wall by the north hoist would be nice.

R1 - W/L twice around. W mark was set up toward the north end of the island west of the channel which sets up the course for a righty at the top. Fairly civilized start, line was plenty long. Meanie won the favored end and the fleet is off to the races in a typical left early beat in this direction. Up top Scars wins the beat followed closely by Hooch and meanie. Kites go up....sort of. Meanie and Hooch both had nice sets, issues arise on Scars, this will become a trend. Eventually Scars gets the kite up and the fun begins. Very fast runs with some screaming surfs. Every once in a while you would find "the" wave and just launch. Nice steady breeze in velocity and direction made it very comfortable. At the bottom, the top three round bow to stern I think Meanie was ahead at this point, hard to recall it was yesterday. Nice beat has the three split and then converge, Scars slipped ahead of Hooch but Hooch played the upper left for the gain and rounded just behind Meanie and ahead of Scars for the second run. Set and jibe for the front two, more issues on the launch of Scars, it finally goes up and we are in back hunting down the leaders. Scars finds that wave I mentioned to jettison pass the two leaders on the left side of the course and has a comfortable lead at the bottom that they never gave up. Scars, Hooch, Meanie, S1 and Idiots round out the top 5

R2 - very similar to R1. Biggest difference was the top three from R1 all started at the boat. Some really good battles ensued and HWNN came into the mix for this one. More downwind fun and carnage on Scars topping lift issue this time as well as hoisting and retrieving problems. At the finish line it was Meanie, Scars, Hooch, HWNN and S1.

R-3 again similar but more new players to the mix as HB takes advantage of the conditions and jumps into the front. Meanie and Hooch are the early leaders followed at the top by Scars, nice close spinnaker running when out of the blue Scars pulls a Crazy Ivan out of the bag of tricks.

Not just once but twice Scars throws the Crazy Ivan at Meanie to scare them away, mission accomplished. At one point I thought I might own Meanie but disaster was averted and we were off to the races again. Stupid angle we tried to play with the wave state lead to our attack, lesson remembered. Another close L rounding the Hooch, Meanie and Scars. Upwind for the second beat Scars implosion continues with a re rig on the gear, similar to crab fishing if you ever watch Deadliest Catch and then the jib blocks explode. Oh what fun it is to trim a jib in breeze with no purchase or cleat, nice job Obi and Jen. This opened the door to WHNN and HB to get up in the top group. at the W mark it was Hooch, Meanie, HWNN and HB. On the Run Scars quickly ran down HB with the spinnaker but didn't have enough leg to get to HWNN. At the finish it was Hooch, Meanie, HWNN, Scars and HB.

Scores will come out today, I think. We have an opening for RC duty next week. Higgins is next weekend, plan to attend, great time, great locale, great people.

Terry Hart has some forms you must fill out and sign, if he didn't get to you last night catch up with him next week.


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