Week 2: DNS

by Leroy on May 30, 2014

No sailing as the Bay was angry, cold and frothing at the mouth.  Guess is that four boats would have attempted, the rest not and Doug was overly excited about the lumps, so wisdom prevailed.
Grant Hilgers thoughts on the conditions after sailing a Beneteau 36.7 Wednesday night:
Conditions were "fresh".  Wind from 045-060, 15-17 was common but we saw gusts to 22k (true).  2' waves.  The thing that stood out was that the 17k of true wind felt more like 20+ because it was so dense.  The cold water really gives the wind some weight.  It wasn't like sailing in 17 knots and 80 degrees in August.  The wind had some power.
Fleet History:  Year was 1953.
Harold Hill, Fleet Captain George Villermain, Sec. Treas. Ben Wojciechowski, Champ George Villermain, Runner uP
BOD this weekend.  McCree and Hart sailing, looks like a nice weekend to sail.

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