Week 1 recap

by Leroy on May 23, 2013

Top O the Morning to you,

Race date one is in the books. It was neck and neck between Meanie
and HB, at press time it is still undecided who got the best of who.
Welcome back to John Boy who was filling in for an ailing Actor.

On the Team competition, things have really heated up. Smack was
being thrown around like jelly donuts at a cop convention. The
winning team was #2. Of course you are all asking yourselves
"who.....is....#.....2"? Come on buddy, we can get through this.
Team #2 is the Scars & LaRue team, attendance has its privedges.

Team leaders I have a challenge for you. Come up with a team name by
next week. Remember we are family friendly and you can thank Jennifer
for this great idea.

Our first rules review was conducted, see below. Next week we will
talk about rule.....stay tuned, I will let you know.

See John McCree's comments below.

From: McCree, John
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 9:39 AM
To: 'Matt Princing'
Subject: Wed week 1

Present and rigging:

Schussboomer, Scars, Hartbeat, Meanies. Hartbeat and Meanies went for
a practice sail in the river, Terry had two “young professionals” on
board, Amy and Matt. The rest of us got the call from one or both
crew, and stayed home to help with homework or pack for business

Most of the action was at the clubhouse:

Big news of the evening is that Amy Abramczyk, Senior Co-Director of
Fleet Development, has recruited thirty-six (36) “young professionals”
to come out for Tuesday Tune-ups and possible Wednesday racing. We
will be turning most of these future club members over to the Main and
Jib Sailing program through Terry Hart and Joe Shotwell, but I would
like to see as many as 20 of these young people out on a Lightning, if
possible. Participation from fleet members is key, I’ve reached out
to many of you looking for commitment to get your boat with a
qualified coach to six (6) Tuesdays this summer, please check with
your spouses or boat partners if you need permission to go sailing.

The first Tuesday tune-up will be on June 18th, which is the Tuesday
prior to the Bay City Lightning regatta (not purely coincidence).

Amy also discovered that she can make the Women’s Districts at Tawas
on Friday June 28, and still make it to the wedding on Saturday. The
fleet needs a coordinator for Women’s District regatta, to make sure
everyone gets on a boat. Last year’s District Champion, George Sipel,
needs a Women’s team.

Jennifer Princing led the rules seminar, with a reading of the
definition of “keep clear”

Keep Clear: A boat keeps clear of a right-of-way boat

(a) if the right-of-way boat can sail her course with no need to take

avoiding action and,

(b) when the boats are overlapped, if the right-of-way boat can

also change course in both directions without immediately

making contact.

Recommend that any boats that fail to keep clear this summer come up
to the couches after racing, for a little therapy and a review of the
incident, a reading of the appropriate rules, and some coaching from

Travel regattas:

Bayview One Design: June 1-2


Boyne City regatta: June 8-9


Father’s day (no racing): June 15-16

Bay City regatta: June 22-23


Tawas District Championships: June 28-30


John McCree

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