Week 1 Recap (2014 Season)

by Leroy on May 22, 2014

Guest commentary this week provided by Commander T. Hart USNR.

Not a lot of time this morning but here are some bullet points:

  • Safety Brief in the dry sail area
  • Discussion on upcoming Regatta  (not sure why  someone  had the wrong date, it’s been those dates since Nov??)
  • Great conditions, warm, flat &  6-8,  even though I was going to hide in my basement under a blanket after reading all the “end of the world” emails:  Water Temp, Thermal causing a hurricane, current in the river that will sweep you out to sea never to be seen again, and finally flotsam and jetsam (logs).
  • First race was set up well, until the second lap when the winds went right and after rounding the leeward mark you were almost on the layline.  Result second lap was a drag race with Grant & Drew taking first place.
  • Once the “Hilgers Three” finished they sailed out to the windward mark and moved it about 30 deg to the right and we had an OK second race course, but it continued to move to the right, plus developing some chop.
  • Hilgers won the second race by a “nose” taking it from Shusboomer.
  • Jenna serenaded us all night as we sailed by the RC with songs from “Frozen”, resulting in Jaime singing on our boat,……………. “quit your singing and pay attention, dammit!”

New guy, Christophe rode on the RC last night and is anxious to get out on a Lightning (we can’t let this guy get away)  please include him on the recap

Terry Hart

Thanks to RC last night of Dan, Christophe, Chris and Jenna whom I was told sang to the sailors as they went by.    Two races, 6-8 kts, flat water 55F.  Winner of the night was 15146 with two bullets. 

Fleet history for the week:  The year is 1952.  Fleet captain is Harold Hill and George Villermain is the treasurer.  Champ was Phil Patterson and runner-up was Ed Blais.  The completed 15 races this season in the championship series.  As a class we were up to  hull number 5346 and Buffalo Canoe Club hosted the International Championships.


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