Warm Air, Flat Water, Cold Beer (Week 3)

by Leroy on June 5, 2014

Week three is in the books.  What a beautiful night on the Bay.  Good for lounging, watching, squandering and drifting.  Nice and warm air, flat water cold beer.
Winds 3-5kts(WEEEEEEE!) SW, waves<1, 66F air temp
RC was Doug with Ludwig and Carrie helping out and the rest of the Houtman boys on board as well.
Players: Shussboomer(SB), Hart Beat(HB), Scars & SCrapes (Scars), Motion Sensitive(MS), Big Meanie(Meanie), Solstice(SOL), and Hootch 5AM
Key notes:  we had some interns and new friends sail this evening.  Included in this bunch is Maureen who is a new hire in the area, Christophe new to Dow and will be a regular on Fast Idiots and Jenna Princing making her Lightning fleet debut trimming spinnaker on Hooch.
R1: Twice around Pin favored, W mark right side of course, winds light and spotty.  Both Meanie and Scars got poor starts and bailed right early to clear.  It was a good decision as Meanie led the first beat with Scars on their tail, well back was HB, SB and the gang.  The run compressed the fleet again as the steaks of wind showed no favorites and beat two saw most take a short beat on port and a long tack on starboard, Scars stretched out on port in breeze longer.  At the top Meanie was launched and Scars barely held off HB and SB. By the L mark Scars, HB and SB were nose to tail.  Meanie wins, HB plays bus driver and takes Scars to school to finish second.
R2: One hot lap.  Pin favored, right shift, light wind.  Big start saw fleet push left.  Early leaders up top were HB, SB and MS.  Run splits the fleet again with HB leading followed by SB, Meanie and Scars spun on the outside of the four boat pin wheel.  HB holds on to win followed by SB and Scars sneaks in a third.
Fleet History.  Year is 1954.  Hill captain, Villermain sec/treas.  Fleet champion was Wojciechowski(you can't make a name like that up) sailing Playmate and runner up was Villermain sailing Whistler.  Former fleet champs/runners up Patterson and Blaise sold their Lightnings and were teaming up to build a couple of 40' sailboats.  One of the two boats stayed in the fleet the other went off to far away waters.

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