Sun Sets Over Bay and Week 7

by Leroy on June 28, 2012

June is over, we are about a third of the way through our racing series and we have been blessed with good weather so far this summer. Last night was more of the same with a spectacular sunset over the Bay.

This week we welcome a new sponsor to the fleet for the season in Nickels Boat Works, thanks Hugh and welcome to the 2012 Joe Dissette Award & Sports, Shotwell Construction, Bayside Drafting & Design, Affordable Storage, APS and Nickels Boat Works Championship Series.

Regatta recap: We had a very successful regatta this past weekend with 15 boats participating and conditions were awesome! All had fun and it started Friday night at the BBQ Beer fest under the tent in the One Design Park, I would like to propose we rename this Love City. We had reps from Lansing, NCYC, Crescent, Bayview, PYC, Higgy Baby and of course Fleet 216. Saturday night the buffet by Bay Cafe was well attended, we manage to meet and beat our garauntee number and it seems all had fun with the Band Coleman Road (thanks JW). Trey Rose won the dance off and I understand Willy made a late charge for the title. We did manage 6 races and our champs were Team Morin, Kevin, Matt and Dad Mike from Bayview, their first win on the circuit as a team. I have attached results. We have received many thanks and congrats for throwing a great party with some racing mixed in.

I would like to thank all who helped but especially Terry who has taken the regatta on his shoulders and organized it so well the last few years that it is bound to succeed. Jim,John, John, Dave, Jennifer were also instrumental and the rest pitched in for a total team effort. This is a lot of fun and we are always looking for others to step up and take a bigger role.
PRO Bruce did well and our support boats were tremendous, big shout out to our BCYC big boaters.

On to this weeks fun: Players - Shussboomer, HWNN, Teko, Hart Beat, Fast Idiots, Score One, Big Meanie, Motion Sensitive, Red Lyon, Hooch, Sleeper

RC-Doug Pratt, Cameron Houtman, Uncle Leroy, Brian Intern and Jared I'm not the guy from Subway Intern.

Wind was pretty much 240 all night. Started in the 12kt range with a few puffs above but quickly settled into a 8-10kt range for race 1 and a 5-7kt range for R2. Waves were under 2' and quickly went away. Water was upper 60's to lower 70's air was a steamy 87F

R1- no one was on the line so an all clear signal by the RC. Two laps W/L. Meanie gets out pretty good with Red Lyon in pursuit and Score One in the mix. It stayed this way most of the race with Meanie extending out a little on each leg. Somehow Hooch snuck in the mix picking her way through. Heartbeat had a very entertaining broach after setting the kite on the first run, wish I had the camera out for that one. After about 24 minutes Meanie wins followed by RL, S1, Hooch and Motion Sensitive.

R2- wind is down considerably. Everyone wants the pin, big pile up. I really figured someone would be over early. My sight right down the line showed no one and what appeared to be an awesome start by Hooch who then turned down, I figured they hooked the mark, not the case they thought they were over early. Sleeper goes to port tack and is the first boat moving. At the top Meanie sneaks around just in front of RL, Sleeper and HWNN. Nice run splits the fleet with RL (Jennifer driving) got around Meanie on the run and the mix up begins. Fleet splits up wind again with the leaders playing a conservative middle right until the top left comes in. Meanie gets back out front follwoed by RL. Here comes the Hooch. On the run we introduce more players to the mix with many changes in position to get out on the short beat to the finish. At the end its Meanie, Hooch, RL, Fast Idiots and HWNN.

Districts are this weekend, good luck to our fleet members making the trek down to Cass Lake. Remember to check your board often. Friday PYC is hosting a Womens and Juniors event and I believe we will have two boats sailing in that. Social activities Friday night if you are in the area.

Remember our new website and visit it often. is updated frequently and has some new features from last week. There is also a members only section with the phone tree info, you need to register to gain access. We hope to have our sponsors and hotlinks up this week, right John?

The Fleet 216 RC Calendar is attached as well; many of you still need to do your duty.

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