Really a Light Event Last Night; Lots of Players

by Leroy on August 2, 2012

Winds 0-4kts S no waves, pretty warm out.
RC:  Grant and ?
Set up close to the mouth at the south end of the island.  Everybody got towed out  due to the mirror like reflection on the bay.  We had a nice member with a cool power catamaran tow a bunch out and the RC platform pulled a bunch out.  I mean a bunch:
Playing nicely with the other children:  Shussboomer, HWNN, Hartbeat, Scars & Scrapes, Fast Idiots, Big Meanie, Motion Sensitive, Score 1, Big ugly Green thingy(Larue), Neglected Biaatch(Hillman), 13779(Gaertner), Sleeper and Hootch.
Due to the late start and the lack of wind we got one race(?) in.  It was a hot(?) lap around the course.  It was a pressure and correct side of the course race and the top three proved that quite handily.  Many positions went back and forth but the guys on Sleeper never looked back and won the race followed by Hooch(known for their light air prowess), Meanie, Idiots and ShussB.
The most wind was on the sail in which took forever.  First time in a while I can remember boats waiting to get to a hoist, nice.
We say goodbye to our interns for the summer.  They wrapped up another successful summer of sailing and we hope to see them back next year.  I wanted to pass this on from Alia.  It is pretty cool when we can impact someones life in a positive way. But don't take my word for it: 

Thanks for an awesome summer! I had a lot of firsts this summer and really got to do something different and fun. Well anything involving being outdoors or sporty is different for me. I think I figured out most of them:

    • First time on a sailboat
    • First time sailing a sailboat
    • First time in Bay City
    • First time on lake huron
    • First time going to a yacht club
    • First time going to a sailing store (gloves!)
    • First time buying sports tape for a sport
    • First time buying gatorade for what it was desgined for
    • First time going to a regatta
    • First time at lake erie (North Cape)
    • First time placing in the top five of a sport (Thanks Happy Boat!)
    • First time on a pontoon boat
    • First time camping
    • First time not having a shower
    • First time on a small island (Higgins Lake)
    • First time setting up a tent
    • First time eating a sloppy joe
    • First time paddle boarding
    • First time buying a sailing themed cake
    • First time winning a sporting event (thanks Peter and Dave!)

Oh, I also attached the pics from last night. I will continue to read these emails and be here in spirit.


Hope to see you next summer Alia and thanks for bringing the sailing cake.  Pics courtesy of Alia's phone and professionally taken by me.

Wrapping up the night is always fun.  James said something that made me laugh again, beers were cold, some new found friends huddled in front of a cake to celebrate the summer, someone got towed off the sand.....

RC next week is Ludwig followed by T Hart.

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