North Cape 2012: Two great days of sailing, that could have been three…

by Web Admin on July 16, 2012

Two great days of sailing, that could have been three... 

Too nice out to work, so after a slow packing process and a short negotiation with the sprinkler system guy, I arrived Friday evening to find the thermal cranking SE 12-15.  This was almost enough for the 145 L board that I didn’t bring with me this time, and there was no tune-up this year either — but after a week of windsurfing and practice sails on Saginaw Bay, I was somehow OK with that.  

The “women of the syndicate” crewed up 3 boats.  Bill and Mike Thomas from the infamous “Happy Boat” made a guest appearance, and were delighted to meet Alia when they heard “95 lbs”.  Equally pleased was James Taylor, who picked up Amy, the most recent addition to HWNN syndicate.  On 15430, we had Carrie at the helm for her first regatta ever, and the now well-seasoned Becca from Score One and other recent guest appearances.

Saturday started light like always, but decent SE thermal at 5-8 all afternoon, building towards 8-12 for the ride in after only three races, which disappointed a few of the bigger teams but gave folks ample time for a refreshing swim in the clear green waters of Lake Erie, or a pre-dinner “painkiller”,  if so inclined.  Counter to stated strategy, we got tangled with Taylor at the pin, but cleared to port and after taking transoms we still arrived at top mark in top 3, which kind of became the pattern for the day.  We gave back a place or two on the downwind finishes to trail Taylor and Dieball by a point or two when scores were posted.  I’ll defer my grouse about the escalating use of downwind finishes for another forum.

Saturday evening was mellow by NCYC standards, a little folk guitar, Greek dinner, and an evening of high-stakes Euchre where Becca and Amy crushed all takers like a pair of card-playing savants.  Somewhere in the mix there was a “grandma” story that brought up the giggles like a burped up pizza.  BCYC teams retired early to guest boats for the evening, the breeze stayed up to keep the bugs at bay, and the 30% chance of showers or thunderstorms arrived while most of us were sleeping soundly in our V-berths.

Sunday brought stronger SW 8-12 and occasional solid hiking for the lighter teams, and another three races, to complete a six race series, with throw-out.  George Sipel saved his points easily for back-to-back regatta wins, Ernie and Jacqueline and Lindsay had a comeback in the last race to move up to runner-up, Taylor and aforementioned guest-crew sailed a couple of good races to secure 3rd overall, and the “Happy Boat” found the groove in the final race to move up into trophies in their first NCYC regatta since 2002 NAs, so all the “interns” picked up trophies.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch on HWNN, our tactician confused the classic long oscillating shifts with geographically influenced one-side favored (generally not the right, when it’s called a Luna Pier lefty, I suppose), and secured the mid-fleet award on behalf of fleet 216. 


This regatta recap was authored and submitted by John McCree, skipper/owner of "Horse With No Name".

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