Meanie Rolls

by Leroy on June 21, 2012

Great night on the Bay.

SW wind 15-19 kts puffs around 20kts, waves around 1' water and air very warm.

Players: Hartbeat, Scars & Scrapes, Big Meanie, Red Lyon, Hooch and Sleeper. Disapointing turn out especially considering it was 90F, water was warm, nice fresh breeze and its the week of our regatta.

RC was Carrie Houtman and dad Doug with a few youngun's mixed in. Thanks you guys did great.

R1: Short course twice around, big shafts of breeze coming down the left side. First beat Meanie leads Scars to the top with Red Lyon(RL) and Hartbeat(HB) close behind. Meanie launches, Scars ties a pretty bow out of the spinnaker and forstay and HB and RL shoot by. Second beat sees Meanie out front followed by RL and Scars makes a comeback. Run sees the same, not enough length to catch the front runners. at the finish it was Meanie, RL, Scars, HB and Sleeper

R2: Much of the same at the start. Scars does a very fancy last minute ballet move around the committee boat insure they are late for the start and in bad air. Up top again it is Hooch leading with Meanie right on them, Hooch following in his brothers footsteps hooks the mark, thank you. HB, Scars and RL are all overlapped behind. Run see Meanie extend, Scars tie more pretty bows and RL and HB get around again. Next beat sees Scars get one more back and the results at the finish were Meanie, RL, Scars, HB and Hooch.

R3: One hot lap, nascar style. I believe all boats got off the line pretty good with a hard charge left towards the pressure. Scars splits right to play the smart box which was that smart as the pressure was more important than the phase. Meanie and Hooch are leading the top followed by RL. Scars gets around RL on the run but plays dumb and sucker tacks only to be the sucker and gets passed by RL on the short beat to the finish. Meanie, Hooch, RL, Scars, HB

Night goes to Meanie but don't over looke Red Lyon, they had a good night and didn't fly a kite...insert your own here.

Regatta weekend, if you are not sailing we will move your boats out of the way. Make plans to come out Friday night and enjoy friends, beer, Leroy's Grill serving up brats in the hot tub, beer and more. Saturday please plan to have dinner at the club, we are the reason their is a caterer this night and are on the hook for a minimum, plus the band is playing again so with enough beer even white guys can dance. We will need help with tents, registration, parking, entertaining, etc... some folks need crew too.

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