Bay City Lightning Regatta: It’s a Family Affair

by Web Admin on June 25, 2012

This weekend, our team sailed the best we have ever sailed together. Our team was my dad, Michael, and my brother, Matt. We have sailed together for more than 20 years, but haven't sailed on the Lightning together before last year. It led to a challenging year in 2011 with Matt and I being very familiar with the inner workings of the Lightning and our dad just picking it up. By the end of the season last year, we were finally in sync. The boat handling mistakes of last year were completely gone this weekend. We had fast tacks, fast jibes, fast sets, and fast drops. It really felt good.

Matt skippered the regatta with my dad in the middle and me in the front.

I have sailed the Bay City regatta almost every year for the past 10 years and have never had anything but great sailing conditions. Either we always come during a great time of year, or the Bay City group is completely spoiled.

This weekend was no exception. We had a combination of light to medium air with puffs to find and lulls to avoid.

We sailed very consistently with 4 second places and 1 first place. Our start in the race we won was incredible and put us in a position to lead the whole way around. Our starts in each of the second place races were good enough to get us in the top third by the top mark in each race, which let us fight to second.

I attribute the win to our boat speed. Matt did an incredible job keeping the boat moving. On Saturday, there was a lot of motor boat chop that made keeping boat speed difficult. We adjusted our jib wire constantly, eased and trimmed the jib on every wave, and pinched up to get puffs that were up above us.

Thanks to Brian Hayes who recently reminded me how important it is to play the jib on every wave. Thanks to John McCree for teaching Matt and I about the trick to pinch to puffs instead of tacking to them.

We went back and forth with Geo all weekend. We are pretty sure this is the first time we have ever beat him. No amount of lead on him was safe. The highlight for use was the 5th race when we were neck and neck with Geo and managed to barely squeeze ahead of him in the last couple seconds of the race. That finish was the difference between first place in the regatta and second place. We also beat John McCree for the first time. Matt and I raced with John in Wawasee last year and Pymatuning this year and learned a lot from him in those two weekends.

A special thanks to Trey Rose for helping to find many of the other teams crew. We probably would have had three less boats if it wasn't for him

Lastly, a call out to all the teams that are pushing to get women involved in the District. One of the goals for the District for the year is to get more women sailing/skippering Lightnings. The Bay City fleet always seems to push the hardest of any of the clubs to get women interested. This weekend was a fine example of that. If my count was correct, there were 13 women racing this weekend, which means 30% of the sailors were female!

Matt and I have won Lightning regattas together, but this is the first for our family team, which made it really cool. We had a champagne toast last night and Matt summarized it best saying "Dad, you have officially transitioned from being a big boater to being a small boater!"

See you at Districts.

Kevin Morin

This regatta recap was authored and submitted by Kevin Morin, skipper/owner of "313" and winner of the 2012 Bay City Lightning Regatta.

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Jennifer Princing June 26, 2012 at 6:30 pm

Great sailing Team Morin. We’re glad you made the trek up to Bay City again this year. Thanks for the shout out to the Bay City ladies! I think we’re at two boats and counting to come down to the women’s Districts on Fri. Calling all girls – grab a boat and come down to Pontiac for some great racing.

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