Leroy’s Piggyback Recap Riot

by Leroy on May 30, 2013

Ok, Piggy backing on G's email for this weeks recap

Week One of the 2013 JDWNS

Players: HWNN, Hartbeat, Meanie, Scars, Idiots, S1 and Old Blue(OB)

Winds 3-10 kts WSWish waves <1' Temp a balmy 75F, water temp a
chilly upper 50's F, Water Color = baby shit brown with floaties,
current in the river guess at 3-4 kts

Pre race experience on this night was jam packed. Lots of hugging and
lovin goin on plus the inaugural fondling of the horns by FFC Hart.
Jen Princing held the second Rules Chalk talk going over the
definition of "room" and rule 18.2, surprisingly most people didn't
really know it or how to apply it. The actor marked out a "real"
three boat length hippity hop so people could see what it really
looked like. The admission to these talks is your rule book, and that
is also how you get the floor to discuss so get one. Safety
inspections now complete for the following: 15233, 15430, 14603,
14937, 14087, 15146, 14190, 14077 Incomplete inspections remaining
are: 14022, 15225, 14703, 15300 & 14061. Must be done to be scored.

Attached is the RC Caledar, we need to start filling it up, if you do
not volunteer I will use my FC powers to volunteer you myself.

Three races sailed. (2) four leg events and one two leg drag race.
Pretty amazing how aggressive the starts were with half if not more
over early on race one, and Race 2 & 3 many of the "normal" hero's
were shot out the back or forced away early. I like the aggression as
it was clean.

R1 was a chase. HWNN, HB and the Idiots got away clean, while the
rest of the sailing universe had to restart after being OCS. A good
chase ensued but HWNN held on to win with HB second and Meanie,
squeezing Scars out at the finish by an inch or so.

R2 was a split. After another starting debacle amongst the fleet we
saw many storm left for the traditional knock (wind wasn't quite south
enough) and what looked like velocity (me thinks it was just darker
brown water) and the other brave souls head off into the sunset. The
shifts on the right were favorable if you played them and Scars found
themselves out front. Up and down the little boats went and places
changed but at the end Scars was the winner followed by HB and WHNN.

R3 was the sprinter. Get out clean and fast so the story goes. That
is what HWNN did as well as HB. You could smell they were cooking
something, or was that just the bay water I smelled? One lap doesn't
give you much room to make passes and a parade ensued with a few bold
moves made with some gains and some losses (can I be more vague?).
HWNN finished 1st, HB second and Idiots 3rd.

Nice night to HWNN and HB very consistant. HB was the first loser in
all t hree races.

Team winner of the night was Team #2 of Scars and OB which has not
picked their team name yet

First Tuesdays with Amy is scheduled for June 18, sign up or show up
or do something especially if you are whining about needing crew, she
has done all your work for you and has a large list of potential
future fleet leaders. Good time to get some practice in.

Fleet 216 RC Calendar

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