And so it begins

by Leroy May 13, 2013

Welcome Race Fans! Our fleet set up night is wednesday evening in the dry sail area. Grant Hilger and a crew of scallywags will be conducting saftey inspections which brings me to a couple of very important announcements: 1. Safety inspections will be conducted in compliance with ILCA rules concerning mandatory safety equipment including the […]

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2013 Lightning Team Racing!

by Web Admin April 26, 2013

Fleet 216 Owners, First off, please review the people that I’ve sent this email to and if I’ve missed an owner (or sent it to the wrong person) please let me know and forward this on. Matt, maybe we can use this as a the jumping off point for an “owners only” email list for […]

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BCYC rules seminar — Rules in Brief from US Sailing

by Web Admin April 24, 2013

At Joe Parker’s understanding racing rules meeting at BCYC this evening, we learned that Main and Jib will receive US Sailing “Rules in Brief” at registration.  By coincidence, I had ordered a copy for each boat racing in fleet 216, at the request of Matt and Chris P. Attached is a pre-read. My experience, the […]

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Spring Classic Regatta (Pymatuning) May 18-19

by Web Admin April 16, 2013
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Annual Spring Meeting, 2013 Edition

by Leroy April 11, 2013

Hello Fleet 216, It is time for our annual spring meeting. We will discuss the coming year, assign responsibilities and finalize our calendars. Date: April 22, 2013 Place: Drew’s House 410 Birney Street Essexville, MI 48732. Time: 6:00pm social time 6:30pm sharp meeting starts RSVP: or (989)239-5778 Important: BYOB and your check book for […]

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One Good Turnout Deserves Another; Week Twelve

by Leroy August 9, 2012

Nice night on the bay last night with another good turnout of boats.   Winds ENE 13-14 kts with puffs around 18kts, waves 2-3′ and steep, water 78F, air 70F   Players:  Shussboomer, Teko, HWNN, Hart Beat, Scars & Scrapes, Big Meanie, Score One, Motion Sensitive, Hooch, Sleeper, 13779   RC was Chris Jacobson and Richard […]

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Really a Light Event Last Night; Lots of Players

by Leroy August 2, 2012

Winds 0-4kts S no waves, pretty warm out.   RC:  Grant and ?   Set up close to the mouth at the south end of the island.  Everybody got towed out  due to the mirror like reflection on the bay.  We had a nice member with a cool power catamaran tow a bunch out and […]

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Hunting the Half-Fish, Week Ten

by Leroy July 26, 2012

Nice night on the Bay for the few who sailed.  Wind SSW 15-20 puffs to 22kts, really settled down for R2 & R3, waves about a foot, water temp 77F, air 82F 6 boats ventured out (Becca actually had a great expression last night but I can’t recall it):  Shussboomer W/Bob, HWNN, Hartbeat, Scars & […]

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Week Nine in a Word: Sporty Spinnakering!

by Leroy July 19, 2012

Race Date 9ish Recap July 18, 2012 Another spectacular night of sailing on the Bay. We were blessed by a strong NE wind that reminicent of the thermals of old. We sailed three races, all twice around W/L’s. Windes ENE at 19-22 kts, waves 2-4′, air 82F, water was very warm as I am sure […]

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North Cape 2012: Two great days of sailing, that could have been three…

by Web Admin July 16, 2012

Two great days of sailing, that could have been three…  Too nice out to work, so after a slow packing process and a short negotiation with the sprinkler system guy, I arrived Friday evening to find the thermal cranking SE 12-15.  This was almost enough for the 145 L board that I didn’t bring with […]

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